HJC’s is multilayer company with three main facilities offering a variety of services.

Retail: HJC’s in Waskatenau is a traditional brick and mortar store located in a small town north east of Edmonton.  Its a variety store with a focus on fashion, coffee, and other things that are useful in a small town, like small appliances.  We have just added an online shopping site to help you with a better experience and flexible shopping

Café: Our open air café is located in a remote setting by Bruderheim where coffee, tea, and snacks are served and sold.  Smokin’ Salmon Joint also has an HJC’s clothing kiosk including nice tourist items

Farm:  Located on the same site as the Cafe, HJC’s works toward food security, niche products, healthy fish, and chemical free produce.  Products are available for purchase at the online shop.


Honest Jane’s Clothier


Honest John’s Clothes

Celebrating Four Years Of Honesty in the Heartland

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